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Young Living has been leading the way in essential oil distillation for almost 30 years.  Young Living continues to be the standard for the industry because of the founder Gary Young, known as the father of the modern day essential oils movement.  Young Living is a company built on the pillars of faith, extraordinary vision, and hard work and dedication to be a bridge of healing for people. This mission has made essential oils a common household commodity, yet those who are seeking to use oils of highest purity, frequency, cultivation, and potency continually find themselves returning to the source that started it all, Young Living, setting the industry standard.

Here are a few of the Young Living differences you can expect from us:

  1. Testing:   The oils in your bottle have been tested 120 times before it gets to you.  On site and before seal. 18-20 different tests (click here to see the tests performed)  These 18-20 tests are done in triplicate to ensure accuracy and optimal quality.  

  2. Partner Farms: Empowerment at it’s finest.  Young Living develops partner farms with the best rigorously monitored and trained farms on the planet to bring you the best essential oil.  In fact, did you know that some of the third party test labs used by Young Living are the same labs the FBI and CIA also source as third-party testing companies.  

  3. We own more farm land that all oil companies combined.  We own more distilling land than other companies and all of them combined.  Let’s be real: with almost 30 years innovating, and leading the way, no company can even hold a candle to the passionate formative years that makes us who we are today.

  4. Let’s talk Seeds.  As you know, that’s how all plants begin.  Seeds, eggs, all of life begins with a source.    No company controls the seed but young living. The seed it what defines the DNA of the plant.  If you don't know the seed, it may be genetically modified or created in a lab. 90% of all oils on the market are adulterated in some way - it is important to know your seed and know your source. This is the Seed-to-Seal purity promise.

  5. Sustainability and Cultivation - let’s talk crop rotation: Every several years, Young Living grows a plant that delves 60 meters into theearth then uprooted pulling up the incredible micronutrients and minerals from the earth to fertilize and rejuvenate the land.  

  6. Beyond organic standards:  You’ve heard people say Young Living is more than organic.  Did you know the standard for organic is 4-6 years? Young Living standards for organic cultivation is land that is 50 years organic if not more. 

  7. Oily Tutelage : your aren't just buying an oil - you are joining a tribe.  When you join the Ubuntu tribe you are getting personal tutelage, unparalleled customer service, and unmatched education from those leading the way in the South African market.

  8. Frequency added to the growth process.  Using the Rife Machine. This allows the roots to grow stronger which in turn allows the plant matter to grow furthers.  That is why people claim they “feel the YL difference”

  9. Young Living is the only company that does not modify their oils.  Many companies fractionate their oils for aromatic purposes, however Young Living is looking at the therapeutic-value which can be lost with triple distillation methods.  Thinks whole milk vs 1%. We use only first-distill oils. From a therapeutic standpoint, the removing of these heavier molecules diminishes the therapeutic values of the oils because constituents are removed. The constituents are the magic of plants - we keep all the magic inside.

  10. Frankincense. Young Living is not a frank blend like many out there - its the true powerhouse of the single species botanical. Young Living cultivates both Boswellia Carteri and Boswelia Segragada. Same family, different species have different functions. 

  11. Most cost effective drop per drop.  Because of the cultivation and distillation standards the aromas are stronger, and it requires less oil to achieve the benefit that it would require of another oil distilled with different standards to achieve.

  • Would you like to learn more about Young Living Essential  Oils, book a 10-15 min Zoom session with us or mail us for more information. We would love to share with you this wonderful product that has changed our lives.

  • Feel free to contact Sanet Pringle, Jenine van Rooyen or Lara Pringle



Acornkids specialises in products designed for children, with the fun, imagination and energy of children in mind.

Childhood is a magical time of discovery and learning.

Acornkids strive to provide kids with materials of the highest quality, based on innovative designs and concepts that will grab their attention and provide a fun multi-sensory hands-on, minds-on experience.

Our amazing toys, books and crafts encourage discovery, inspire imagination and enhance essential learning skills.

If there is any Acornkids Products not listed that you are interested in, please contact us for a full Catalogue.

If you would like to become and Independent Distributer for Acornkids, please contact Sanet Pringle.



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