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Should I clean my diffuser

In short: Yes, you do.

I use my diffusors up to 24 hours a day. The oils help keep my home smell amazing, and also help everyone in the family breath in healthy and emotionally balancing essential oils.

Diffusing essential oils has been a huge part of my life to relieve depression, irritability, and restlessness. It helps me sleep better, and I use it to calm myself and my precious animals (4 cats and 4 dogs) especially during the times when people love to use fireworks. If you are experiencing any of those, I encourage you to check out how essential oils can truly provide some hope, along with Jesus!

As my diffusers get a lot of use, to be honest, sometimes I just get lazy and don’t do a very good job of cleaning them after every use. I have a whole bunch of different diffuser models in my house, all Young Living diffusers. I used to have a selection of different diffusers but since I started with Young Living I prefer their diffusers. The diffusers sold by Young Living are ultrasonic diffusers, but before I go to much into their amazing diffusers, let me give you some guidelines on how to keep them in tiptop shape.

If you take a look at your diffuser, there is a small disk inside the bottom of the water reservoir. Electrical current passes through this disk and creates a vibration, creating a cool water mist and also spreading out the essential oil in microparticles for easier distribution in the mist.

So, why should you clean your diffuser?

· They can get to smell funky with multiple uses and I don’t want to fill my room with funk.

· Also, high viscosity essential oils (e.g. Sandalwood, Vetiver) can gum up the ultrasonic disk and decrease the diffuser’s efficiency. You’re also diffusing a specific essential oil for a specific reason. Do you really want the previous essential oil in there?

· Finally, your diffuser will probably run a lot smoother, quieter, longer, and more efficient with these cleaning tips.

For day to day cleaning, just wipe it out after each use. Unplug the diffuser, dump any remaining water and oil, and use a damp cloth to wipe the diffuser out. Sometimes a little Thieves Cleaner will help break up some of the accumulated gunk if there is any. Every once in a while, I use a cotton earbud and rubbing alcohol to clean off the ultrasonic diffusing disk.

For a heavier cleaning, try using white vinegar to break us some of the accumulated oils and minerals on the inside of your diffusers and ultrasonic disk. Personally, I use one teaspoon of white vinegar with two or three teaspoons of water. Plug the diffuser in and let it run. After about 30 minutes, unplug, dump the water, wipe it with a cloth, refill, and run for another 30 minutes. Dump, wipe, and bring your baby back inside for some more hard work. Just remember not to leave the water/vinegar solution in your diffuser for an extended period.

And finally, a disclaimer. You’re working with an electrical appliance. Always unplug it before cleaning or taking it apart. Definitely never submerge the motor in water. And follow your diffuser’s instruction manual. Also, take care not to scratch your diffusers exterior or interior finish.

I also only use distilled water when I operate my diffusors..

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