Making some extra cash while having fun

Finding a way to make extra money is not always easy. Especially if you don't like talking to strangers or selling products. 

We have tried a lot of companies that allow you to be a distributer for them, typing documents, doing data capturing, surveys, you name it we have tried it just to be able to afford that little extra or just to get through the month. 

This is so far one of the best way for us to earn an extra income. 

If you would like more information on companies that is working for us, forward us a message and we will assist you where we can.

Through our selection, we found a couple of companies that work for us. Companies where their products speak for themselves and their support systems are absolutely our of this world.

I have never found a company where you do not have to pay something to become a distributer, weather it is a starter pack or where you need to buy products first. I will suggest that you select a company with products that you will use for yourself and your family. When you fall in love with a product it is easy to sell it, by just talking about it or to use it as gifts.

 Young Living is one of the companies that I sell and use on a daily basis. I just love the oils. Even if you just want to buy the products at whole sale price, it is not a problem.

Please contact us for more details and we will forward information regarding companies that is working for us.

If you do not live in South Africa, no problem, email us and we will assist you to become a Young Living Member. This is also one of the reasons we prefer Young Living, it is all around the world.



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